Scarlet Sails House Pin


Scarlet Red Sails House Pin made by Sinnisha is inspired Alexander Grin's "Scarlet Sails". It is a story about dreams coming true, no matter how silly they may seem.  The action takes place in a small fishing village. The former seaman Longren raises his daughter alone, and he makes a living by selling the toy boats that he carves from wood. As a child Assol (the daughter) meets the wizard and who promises here that ne day a prince will come on a ship with scarlet sails to carry her away.  The villagers laugh at her, but she believes her dream will come true one day. And it does... 

Wooden illustrated jewelry is a modern alternative to expensive products made from precious metals. Sinnisha’s illustrations evoke romantic stories, sensitive feelings, and primal archetypes. Her jewelry pieces become a part of the wearer's own narrative. This design pairs perfectly with natural fabrics, cotton sweatshirts, denim jackets, dresses, or blouses. 

  • Ethically sourced birch plywood
  • Size: 1.75″ × 1.5″ (45 × 35 mm)
  • Crafted using up to 20 times less energy when compared to similar enamel pins
  • Spring-back fastening
  • Hand-packed in a craft box

Please be aware that the wood grain may differ slightly during the production process.

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